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Our 2021 haunt tour is a wrap! Click on a haunt to check out their review!

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WE ARE THE HAUNT JUNKIES! Extremely passionate and die-hard fans of all things horror - movies, books, video games, you name it - but especially Halloween and Haunted Attractions. Not only do we travel all over the country visiting and reviewing haunted attractions but we also do one of our own. We've met some amazing people and learned a lot in our travels and experiences building and working our home haunt and want to share our passion and love with you!

Started by Megan Johnson and Vilonte McCloud, Haunt Junkies is more than just a home haunt and haunt review team... it's a LIFESTYLE! We're based outside of Atlanta, GA, but (as of 2020) have visited over 100 haunted attractions across 15 states, and we're just getting started! We pride ourselves in giving honest reviews; we DO NOT sugarcoat them or have any kind of weird ranking system. Every haunt is unique, and offers its own special scares so we reset our perceptions and expectations each time to not be swayed by our preferences when rating them. We don't care how big or small a haunt is, how much money or expensive props they have, at the end of the day all that matters is "was it scary, or not?". If a haunt sucks we are going to tell you it sucks! Hopefully, we can encourage that haunt to step their game up by providing suggestions while the best of the best will have the honor of receiving a Golden Ghost Award. We try to keep our reviews interesting, conversational, and to the point versus making you feel like you’re reading an editorial or dissertation... boringgggg.

We were so inspired from visiting haunted attractions that in 2017 decided we to do one our own. After a few trips to Spirit Halloween, Dollar Tree, and other local seasonal Halloween retailers, we had a quick walkthrough for trick or treaters through the first floor of our home. We had so much fun and such great feedback from the community that we REALLY got to work to make the second go-round official AF! We learned how to build our own props from raw materials found at The Home Depot and other hardware stores and discovered professional haunted attraction retailers like FrightProps and Dapper Cadaver. Now Haunt Junkies Haunted House features props and effects that would rival any haunted attraction and gets bigger and better every year!

We are always in need of our next fear fix so if you are a haunt owner who would like for us to come visit your haunt, hit us up!

Are you a Haunt Junkie too? Send us a message! We’d love to hear from you!

It's as much fun to scare as to be scared.
Vincent Price

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