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Our 2019 haunt tour is a wrap! Click on a logo to check out a review!

About Haunt Junkies

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WE ARE THE HAUNT JUNKIES - extremely passionate and die-hard fans of all things horror, but especially Halloween and haunted attractions. Started by Megan Johnson and Vilonte McCloud, Haunt Junkies is a home haunt, haunt review team, and A LIFESTYLE!

In 2017, we did our first home haunt and Haunt Junkies Haunted House gets bigger and better every year! We started as a quick walkthrough for trick or treaters and had such a great turnout and so much fun that we REALLY got to work the second go round to make it official! We are currently in our 3rd year and feel like we are on the verge of something big!

Although we're based in the Atlanta, GA area, we travel all over the country to review haunts each year and have visited over 100 haunted attractions across 19 states! We pride ourselves in giving honest reviews; we DO NOT sugarcoat them! If a haunt sucks we are going to tell you it sucks! Hopefully, this will encourage the haunt to step their game up. Also we try to keep it interesting and conversational versus making you feel like you’re reading an editorial.

We are always in need of our next fear fix so if you are a haunt owner who would like for us to come visit your haunt, hit us up!

Are you a Haunt Junkie too? Send us a message! We’d love to hear from you!

That cold ain’t the weather. That’s death approaching.
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