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WE ARE THE HAUNT JUNKIES - extremely passionate and die-hard fans of all things horror, but especially Halloween and haunted attractions.

Started by Megan Johnson and Vilonte McCloud, Haunt Junkies is based in GA but travels all over the country to visit haunts each year. We have visited over 90 haunted attractions across 17 states! In addition to touring and reviewing haunts, we opened our own home haunt in 2017.

We pride ourselves in having honest reviews, and we DO NOT sugarcoat them. If a haunt sucks we are going to tell you it sucks! Hopefully, this will encourage the haunt to step their game up. Also... NO SPOILERS HERE! We do not write long dissertations with every detail that could potentially ruin or influence your experience, just short snippets to give you our opinion and overall feel... unless it was SUPER dope or EXTRA whack, then we may go on a little bit of a tangent. We will try to keep it interesting and conversational instead of making you feel like you’re reading an editorial.

Whatever You Do, Don’t Fall Asleep.
A Nightmare On Elm Street

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