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The Story of McCloud Manor

The year was 1665. Dr. William McCloud, a successful black hematologist, was on the cutting edge of blood transfusion research and managed his own medical facility in the small town of Madeline Cove.

One evening, while Dr. McCloud was locking up for the night, he was approached by a mysterious young woman who begged to be seen by him. She was visibly weak and her skin eerily pale, so Dr. McCloud reluctantly obliged and invited her in.

The young woman's name was Louise, and she was from one of the oldest families in Madeline Cove. She informed him that she had a very rare blood condition and heard about his advancements from the local townsmen who insisted that he could help her.

As Louise explained her symptoms, Dr. McCloud drew a sample of blood to examine. Despite her weakened state, William found her to be intoxicatingly beautiful and was saddened by her condition given her age. Upon examination, he realized her blood was unlike anything he'd ever seen before!

At this point, he could no longer deny her. Dr. McCloud explained a procedure that he believed would theoretically work, but it had never been fully tested. Louise was desperate and willing to try anything, so she agreed to the experimental blood transfusion.

Louise began visiting Dr. McCloud over the next few weeks and his infatuation continued to grow, as did her need for frequent transfusions to maintain her condition.

Then, suddenly Louise disappeared…

Several weeks passed with no word, and Dr. McCloud became extremely concerned. Obsessed with the idea that he was on the verge of a breakthrough, he had no choice but to set out in search of Louise.

While scouring the streets of Madeline Cove, he heard commotion in a nearby alley and rushed towards the sound. Engulfed in complete darkness, he pulled a match from his pocket to see what he had stumbled upon.

William saw a body, splayed in the most unnatural way; the neck was clearly broken and blood stained the front of the shirt. The attacker, crouched over the victim, menacingly looked up with blood dripping from their chin. At that moment, William realized he was staring into the eyes of Louise. Ashamed and embarrassed, she quickly vanished into the night.

Dr. McCloud ran back to his facility in horror and disbelief. After locking the door behind him, he found Louise standing there covered in the blood of her victim. She looked different – strong, powerful, and terrifying. William turned to run, but Louise forcefully grabbed him… and calmed him down.

She told Dr. McCloud that she had not been completely honest with him about her condition. She was born a child of the night and hated herself for what she had to do to survive. Louise pleaded with William to not tell a soul and said she would understand if he chose not to continue the treatments, but William didn't care. He confessed his undying love for her and swore not only to keep her condition a secret but also to find a cure.

William and Louise were quickly married and started their family. They had 2 healthy boys and a beautiful baby girl.

In spite of Dr. McCloud's tireless research, the treatments only offered temporary relief. Louise's thirst continued to intensify. Then, to their dismay, they realized her condition had been passed down to all three children. Each of them would also require transfusions to control their insatiable cravings. With four McClouds receiving treatments, the blood supply quickly dwindled, so finding an alternative method for replenishing their reserve became unavoidable. Dr. McCloud began luring people to his facility and draining them of life to keep his family innocent and their condition under control.

It wasn't long before the townspeople uncovered Dr. McCloud's crimes. A mob assembled to hunt down and kill the family. When Dr. and Mrs. McCloud were captured, they drove a stake through Louise's heart and then burned her and the research facility to the ground forcing William to watch in agony. All his research and medical advancements were consumed by flames along with his beloved Louise. The townsmen then strung William up to the nearest tree and hung him. With his last breath, Dr. William McCloud cursed the town of Madeline Cove.

Their children, full of anger and resentment, escaped the mob and fled, vowing to uphold their father's curse and avenge their parents' deaths. Without their father's treatments, the blood lust of the McCloud children continued to grow rapidly and became stronger in each generation. In 2012, the McClouds relocated to Lawrenceville, GA.

It has been said that the tortured spirit of Dr. William McCloud lives on, and the family's thirst for blood still remains…

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