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The Haunted Pyramids in Lawndale, NC was not in our original haunt tour plans but because of their proximity to our previous haunt and later operating hours we decided to add them to the list!

They have a whopping 6 attractions - the Monster Mill; their namesake, The Haunted Pyramids, The Abandoned; the Carnival of Terror; the newly added Dr. Venom’s Snake Pit which is not a haunt but a walkthrough reptile exhibit including lots of very big snakes, turtles, a cute caiman, and other creepy crawlies; and their Munster’s themed escape room, 1313 Mockingbird Lane. The escape room is not included with your general admission ticket but is only an extra $5. Since it was so late we didn’t get to do this one, but we do love escape rooms!

When we arrived at the Haunted Pyramids, after walking past an awesome Ectomobile from the movie Ghostbusters, we checked out their midway area. They had a concession shack called the Coroner’s Cafe with the most spooktacularly named foods - frankenburgers, halloweenies, blood nuggets, and chili sneeze fries are just a few of our favorites - and there were picnic tables set up for you to enjoy your spooky snacks.

Unlike many North Carolina haunts, The Haunted Pyramids is all indoors making it a great option on rainy October nights when a lot of other attractions have to close. We were also super excited to find out that this haunt offers a full contact option! So put on your glow-in-the-dark necklace and be prepared for their actors to kick things up a few notches!

Super random, but we ran into one of our haunt industry friends, the famous… or infamous… set design guru, Bryce Alexander! If you don’t know this guy, look him up! He’s freaking phenomenal! More on this encounter to come…

The sets in all the Haunted Pyramid attractions were low tech with lots of tight spaces, smells that we couldn’t tell if they were manufactured or organic, and planked flooring that felt like it could cave in at any moment. The names of the haunts did not provide any clue into what types of scenes we’d expect to see, which is probably because this crew spends the off-season switching things up to bring fresh sets and scares each year. They had some really original uses of every day items like arcade machines and port-a-potties being incorporated into scenes. There were also some very interesting choices of music that were unexpectedly unnerving and creepy.

The Haunted Pyramids had a mix of original characters. recognizable horror icons and some unique twists on usually not-so-scary individuals… have you ever been attacked by a deranged, chainsaw-wielding Ronald McDonald? He was awesome, and we had a blast with the clowns with dreadlocks too! This was an enthusiastic and dedicated group of actors bringing an in-your-face experience! Again, it was past closing time and these guys were still on level 100 after a long night of haunting!

All of The Haunted Pyramids’ attractions are designed in a way to allow for a single actor to be able to move around unseen to scare in multiple places. Some actors provided a well-timed jump scare while others interacted with us. They were fun sports too, allowing Bryce and his cowboy hat crew to join in on the fun! We were behind their group going through the haunt and each time we caught up with them, these guys had inserted themselves into a set and were either planning a group photo or partying with the monsters… haha!

The Haunted Pyramids hosts all kinds of special guests and even bands throughout the haunt season. In fact, there was a whole metal fest going on that Friday the 13th weekend with over 10 bands performing!!! Can’t believe we missed out! Make sure to check out their gift shop too! Instead of being filled with only haunted attraction merch, theirs had all kinds of useful Halloween supplies like masks, costumes, and tons of spider web.

With their multiple attractions, special events, special guests, yummy concessions, and Halloween supply gift shop, The Haunted Pyramids offers a ton of spooky season fun! And to top it off, they stay open til midnight most evenings so that is clutch for haunt-hopping Haunt Junkies like us!

If you’re craving a late night, old school haunt in the backwoods of North Carolina, “get your fix” at The Haunted Pyramids!

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