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Marr Branch was the wildest Redneck Revival we’ve ever been to! These guys are loud, crazy, inappropriate, and kunnnnntryyy… and we LOVE IT! They are located on a real working farm in the absolute middle of nowhere… also known as Mt Olive, North Carolina.

Similar to our McCloud Manor, Marr Branch Redneck Revival is a family-run attraction where every member of the family plays a vital role, from taking tickets to actively participating in the scares. It started as a single house 14 years ago and has continued to grow every year since. Marr Branch is “not your local pumpkin patch”, folks – it's an extreme, high-energy, and sensory-overloading adventure!

When we arrived on the Marr Branch farm grounds, after driving along the long, dark country roads that lead there, we immediately noticed how packed their queue line was despite the remote location. Spend the extra money and get the fast pass, it’s totally worth it! Because they do not have a traditional midway area with games, we headed directly to the line. They do have merchandise for sale and yummy food, but we recommend you wait until the end for both. You’ll lose anything you buy and work up an appetite running from rednecks all night!

We didn’t see any characters roaming the grounds except for one, but he was all that was needed! “Jimmy Dean” gave a rousing performance that seriously pumped up the waiting masses! When it was our turn, we entered through the front door of the old country house and were met by grandpa, Reverend Jericho and his pet. He provided an intro and some backstory to a guitar solo. In fact, the whole haunt has a very interesting soundtrack - a little country, a little rock, and some metal mixed in. But from this intro, we were fully immersed and knew we were in for a show at this attraction!

Marr Branch is a blended indoor and outdoor experience with three distinct houses and a cornfield. The sets were exactly what you’d expect with a theme like Redneck Revival. There was a real grungy, organic, old-school feel but with a few strategically placed animatronics and other effects clearly designed to keep you on edge. We journeyed through the rooms of that first old country house into the trash-strewn yard and into another house. There was a brief moment of reprieve before we went through the corn maze and then we encountered a blacklight-lit trailer that evoked the atmosphere of a disturbing meth lab, complete with the unsettling sensation of a contact high. The walls of all the houses were filled with graffiti that we couldn’t help but to read as we traversed from room to room adding an extra layer of chaos.

All of their actors wore typical redneck attire to blend in perfectly with the sets and theming. We saw lots of jeans, overalls, plaid shirts, plain white tees and tank tops that had been both dirtied and bloodied. Most characters were hiding their true identities behind grotesque masks. There were pig masks, Purge-type masks, and masks reminiscent of Leatherface.

Changes in elevation and footing kept us off balance and on guard, and we nearly died almost falling into the fire-blasting pit! If you are a veteran or have any kind of PTSD, Marr Branch is probably not the haunt for you. With simulated gunfire galore, we found ourselves constantly ducking and dodging non-existent bullets and yelling out “THEY SHOOTIN’!!!!!!!!!” And of course, no hillbilly adventure is complete without chainsaws!

While they are not a full contact haunt… (pssttt… you guys should totally offer that as an option)… there was a lot of our personal space invaded and some slight touching, like ankle grabbing that made the overall scare experience that much more intimate.

Marr Branch Redneck Revival also does a great job of pacing. This was the only haunt we visited where we didn’t end up running into the group in front of us nor did the group behind us ever catch up to us. This really ensures the highest level of actor interaction and scares.

The theatrical intro and immersive sets were amazing, but what truly makes Marr Branch an incredible experience are the actors. Many with backgrounds in theater and performing arts, they brought boundless energy to their roles. These guys had us running for our lives as they chased us, pounded on walls, and shouted threats of bodily harm. Their immersive and dynamic approach created super fun, unforgettable encounters.

Marr Branch Redneck Revival will have you feeling like the livestock as they push your boundaries and immerse you in their world! Prepare to be scared, thrilled, and thoroughly entertained!

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