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October was unseasonably wet in GA last year and every time we planned a trip to this haunt the weather just did not cooperate. Fear the Woods was one of our favorite GA haunts in 2016, so since we missed them last year it was probably our most anticipated haunt of 2018…and they did not let us down! Our favorite thing about Fear the Woods is the variety of their attractions - indoor house, outdoor trail, plus a zombie shoot. They also have a fun little midway with games, concessions, and live entertainment. Fear the Woods is a full haunted experience. There is just a really good vibe out there.

Fear the Woods has a super well-rounded acting crew. If they were a sports team they would have one of the best benches in the game. There aren’t any that totally stand out because they are all so awesome, but Megan especially enjoyed the girl who was running the brain bash midway game. These are not your typical teenage haunt actors that just scream in your face, completely miss cues, mess up timing, or fall out of character. These are professionals with really well-developed personas and are incredibly fun to interact with.

The flow and pace from one attraction into the next is perfect- starting in the house, enjoying the midway games and entertainment on the way to Pandemic, then taking the Terror Transport to the haunted trail. The house features a variety of well-done themes that transition well into one another. The midway is the perfect place to decompress after the haunt. There are a couple fun games, a small concession stand, and live entertainment which was a duo called the Circus Bitties. Not only are these girls playing with fire they can breathe it too! Test your zombie-apocalypse survival skills at Pandemic. Then take a quick ride on the Terror Transport deep into the Yule Forest to the haunted trail for more scares.

Fear the Woods is the only haunt we have ever experienced that has successfully executed a zombie shoot and they are still nailing it! We absolutely love everything about Pandemic! We love it to the extent that none of our kills registered due to technical difficulties…the zombies’ headsets weren’t working… but it didn’t even matter. We still thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. Pandemic is just seriously fun. Gamers will especially enjoy this. The zombies are well hidden and always seem to appear at the perfect moment and are ideally spaced to keep you on your toes and your adrenaline pumping.

Other than last year we have been going to Fear the Woods every year since 2013. They have great vision and watching them develop their execution over the years has been awesome. We definitely recommend you checking out Fear the Woods in the 2018 haunt season and every season! Because the majority of this haunt is outdoors it will close if the weather is bad so be sure to check their website or social media for information!

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