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Living in the Atlanta area with Netherworld in our backyard, we thought they were killing the haunt game in terms of set design... We were wrong. The sets at The 13th Gate not only rival Netherworld but in some scenes are crushing them. 

The 13th Gate features an indoor haunt, an outdoor walk-through, Necropolis, plus several 5-minute escape rooms. We visited 13th Gate on a dark and stormy night, but even with the crappy weather people turned out in droves. We purchased the VIP pass to skip the lines and would recommend the same to anyone who has the money to spend.

The VIP pass got us right to the front of the line to the indoor haunt and then boom... we embarked on a journey into 13 different realms on our way to hell. This place was HUGE! 40,000 square feet of hyper-realistic sets. The sets, the makeup, the costuming, the acting were all Hollywood-caliber. The way they seamlessly integrated real elements in with props and sets kept us constantly asking each other, "is that real?"  All we are going to say is snakes. If you suffer from ophidiophobia this is not the haunt for you. They were even able to incorporate the outdoors by blowing the roof out in some areas. Having the real, kinda stormy night sky as the backdrop to some scenes made their already authentic sets feel even more convincing. The 13th Gate is pretty interactive, lots of level and ceiling height changes required us to duck, shimmy, and even crawl into some seriously unnerving situations.

While the stormy weather added to the spooky atmosphere, it worked against us when trying to check out their outdoor attraction, Necropolis. It was open, then closed, then opened again but the line just continued to grow and grow despite the weather conditions. The VIP pass that got us quickly to the front of the indoor attraction line only got us into the VIP line at Necropolis which was damn near as long as the regular line. When you are a Haunt Junkie in need of your next fix, waits longer than 30 minutes just will not do. So long story short, we didn't go through Necropolis and unfortunately, the escape rooms were closed

We were really disappointed to not have been able to experience all of the attractions at The 13th Gate but what we did see was spectacular. Definitely worth the trip and another one in the future to see what we missed this time around. 

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