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The Nevermore Haunt has the most amazing piece of real estate in Old Town Baltimore. When parking things come off a bit sketchy, but as soon as we walked around the corner, it was like "WOW! What a location!!!" You cannot manufacture that kind of ambiance. Mostly abandoned storefronts lined both sides of the street with the haunt being one of the few occupied spaces nestled among them. This place felt like a legit ghost town. It is really authentic, unique, and special!

We had so much fun and enjoyed the historic theme. It was hard to believe this was only their 2nd year! The actors were very interactive, the sets were original, rooms featured unexpected twists, and they had some seriously cool props! They have found the perfect balance of props vs. people and surprise vs. psychological scares. It was really a great mix that kept things interesting.

The actors were awesome and seemed like professionals! They were invasive and scary, getting all in our space without touching us... wellllll, maybe a little. We have really enjoyed the acting aspect of haunted attractions this season. Having a great crew makes all the difference. Good actors can take a "meh" haunt and make it marvelous! In this case, they took a great haunt and made it extraordinary!                                                          
An important note... don't just show up! There are no lines because they don't sell tickets; they sell time slots in 15-minute intervals. While this isn't convenient for haunt hoppers like us (we hit 4 attractions that night) it really does help control the timing and flow, which is one of the most important things when it comes to execution.

Although we aren't the biggest fans of drinking and haunting, The Nevermore Haunt partners with a local tavern to do a cool haunt tour. It starts at Manor Hill Tavern and then transports you on a private bus to Laurel's House of Horror, The Nevermore Haunt and back to the tavern. You receive fast pass entrance into both haunts as well as three beer selections from Manor Hill Brewery.

There is so much potential at Nevermore our twisted minds were reeling with the possibilities. We would love to see the entire strip taken over with Halloween and horror-themed concessions, shops, and other attractions! If you live in the surrounding area or are planning a trip to the DMV during the Halloween season, be sure to pay these guys a visit!

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