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Field of Screams is a massive, multiple attraction scream-park with two haunted trails, a haunted hayride, plus their house. Walking up you are welcomed by a huge midway/common area where we found tons of yummy concessions and cozy fire pits for marshmallow roasting. This seemed to be the hot spot where dozens of groups of teens and tweens were gathered listening to music from a local radio station. We kind of wish there was scary music being pumped through those speakers instead of hip hop. Nothing says Halloween like Lil Uzi Vert...

We love outdoor trails, especially when the weather is a little chilly and their two trails more than fit the bill. They were super long and actually covered a lot of difficult uneven terrain. We felt like we went on haunted HIKES not haunted trails! While there were some scares featured in randomly-spaced enclosed sets, the areas between them were lacking, just feeling like a brisk hike through the woods instead of a haunted attraction. We hope they utilize this dead space in the future by creating more scare zones and hiding some surprise scares in the surrounding environment and nature.

Hades Hayride featured a lot of neon, blacklight paint that had a deranged rave feeling. Their use of color was super trippy and mesmerizing but not very scary. We usually enjoy when actors invade our personal space, please make us uncomfortable, but do it with purpose. The actors here were overly invasive and the scares unoriginal. It all amounted to a lot of day-glow, zombie-ish looking teenagers screaming, grunting, and moaning in our face. It got real old, real quick.

The Slaughter Factory was just that... lots of blood, body parts, and chainsaws. This theme pretty much carried throughout the house with a few other random themes haphazardly tossed in. Same as the other attractions, the actors here are young and inexperienced though not lacking enthusiasm. 

Overall, Field of Screams MD has a great vibe and is super fun but the haunts are all seriously lacking in scares. The midway is definitely their best feature, so bring your bonfire provisions, come hungry, grab some food, and just kick it and enjoy the fall feeling.

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