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We love you Netherworld, really; but in all seriousness, rated the #1 scariest haunted attraction in the US!??? Hardly!... They aren't even the scariest in GA!

Netherworld is a GIANT in the haunt game and always offers a good time, but definitely pack snacks or shell out the extra $55 for the speed pass, because their lines are INSANE! We're talking 3 - 4 hour wait times insane. At least they give you a lot to keep you entertained while you wait. Netherworld has absolutely THE BEST characters you will experience with the entire outside being one gigantic scare zone. The knee-sliders get us every time! 

The exterior and queue line only offer a glimpse of the level of detail you'll see inside. Netherworld features two haunts, their main house and a smaller second house a "monster museum," which is an interior continuation of the line for the main haunt that leads you through a menagerie of monster memorabilia and oddities. 

We love their sets! These are Hollywood caliber sets, people. We "ooh" and "ahh" at the massive animatronics and every creative detail but at this point, that is really all they're giving us. It's like taking a tour through a movie set. The scares are just not there. It's not the actors' fault. Despite their detailed costumes and make-up they seem to be an afterthought to the larger-than-life animatronics and over-the-top sets. There are a few strategically placed actors who offer some great surprise scares but there is pretty much zero interaction or dialogue as you move throughout both haunts. 

This year we say farewell as the Netherworld closes its last season in their Norcross location. They are moving to a bigger space in Stone Mountain complete with escape rooms. We cannot wait to see what else they have in store! See you in Stone Mountain, GA in 2018!

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Why is this your last year? Will you be relocating to another city?

over 6 years ago


They are relocating to a new location in Stone Mountain!

over 6 years ago