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Last year was Terror Mills' first year but they didn't feel at all like a first-year haunt and completely blew us away. *See 2016 review. This year was their first year in their new, MUCH BIGGER location... but they felt like a first-year haunt this time.

This team really has a talent for creating unnerving sets with the kind of themes that haunt your nightmares. Their scenes were detailed, creative, and have some cool lighting effects but still felt a little empty. Ā Background music/sounds and more actors and/or animatronics will definitely take them to the next level.

Actors were out of place during our first walk through due to a malfunction. They reset and let us come through again. The second go-round was better but the actors were still nothing like the ones we experienced last year. This is the element that created our previous amazing experience. The "hillbilly" at the beginning who read the rules was so incredible and set a high bar the rest of the cast this year just couldn't quite reach.

Costuming was moderate but appropriate with the themes.

Even though we didn't have the same jaw-dropping experience this year, we still believe this crew has the vision!!! We are excited about them being in this HUGE permanent location. This is definitely a haunt to watch! We have a feeling they are going to BRING IT next year and only get better and better in years to come.

Lastly a word of advice to the actors... Have fun!!! Don't be so worried about messing up lines or missing a queue, just stay in character and wing it!

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Rachel Tatum

We went Friday night and we thought Terror Mills was absolutely awesome!!! Loved it!!!! Probably going back!!

over 6 years ago

Melissa Frye

We brought a big group to Terror Mills Saturday night..... they scared the crap out of us ... each room was very impressive and the actors were great!!!šŸ‘ thumbs up from us!!!!

over 6 years ago


We're glad both of you had an awesome time! We love them! And yes, please go back... multiple times! We know how much they are capable of and want to see them really bring it.

over 6 years ago