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Davisboro Haunted Manor is one of the BEST HAUNTS WE'VE EVER BEEN TO!!! If we could give them a 6 we would!

This was a hard review to write because words cannot adequately express how incredibly intense this haunt was.

Inside it's dark, confined, and smothering, so every scare happened in our face, uncomfortably close with no space to move away. These are not just your typical, every haunt kind of scares, we are talking non-stop high intensity scares that engaged all our senses at every turn! The execution was impeccable. From the actors, the pace, the set design, the timing and placement of animatronics, everything was just horrific perfection. This was probably the best use of animatronics we've ever experienced!

Then to top it all off... they had the audacity to give chainsaws to clowns and the result was ABSOLUTELY TERRIFYING!!!

When we reached the end we were literally out of breath and we were actually relieved to get out of there. There are images carved in our memories that will haunt us forever courtesy of the Haunted Manor.


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Business Owner in Davisboro

This is an awesome place! They live and breathe next years design so every detail is worked out for your enjoyment! Absolutely a 'MUST EXPERIENCE' because all your senses will come alive!

over 6 years ago



over 6 years ago