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This was our 2nd year in a row visiting Containment and we have to say… they rocked it again!!!

Based on the haunts we've visited so far this year, including more theatrical and immersive elements seems to be the trend; however, Containment is still the only one to do it well. 

They have such an original concept of focusing almost completely on their actors. The majority of characters deliver scripted (and unscripted) mono- and dialogues. The actors really carry this haunt experience... and that is truly what it is, an experience! We cannot say enough about the talent here. When we learned that there were a few that are in popular TV shows it was easy to see why! Certain characters completely grabbed us and drew us in. Welcoming us into their world. As with any haunt, you can feel the empty space of a missing actor but with this style of haunt, that feeling is intensified. 

Containment’s sets are nothing short of stellar! They have this uncanny ability to make everyday objects disturbingly eerie. This haunt is packaged in container trailers but you could never tell from the inside. The sets progressed like a horror novel. The story continues to build, introduce characters and stories, and gets increasingly scarier as you travel down their rabbit hole. They do a great job of mixing it up to keep it interesting, unexpected, and a good pace. There were a few scenes from last year that we were sad did not make this year’s cut.

While we love their unique style and storylines, there are definitely times when we felt the dialogue went on a little longer than necessary, especially in the intro. Knowing a backstory is great, it really helps you connect with the haunt and characters, but let your scenes tell the rest. 

Unforgettable, quirky characters and creative sets make Containment so special. They prove there is no need for imaginary monsters or other-worldly set designs; there are plenty of monsters and horrors lurking beneath the seemingly mundane surface of our own world.

We are super excited that they have found a permanent home so they can spend even more time further developing their sets. We absolutely cannot wait to see where they will take us next year!!

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