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Paranoia was our #1 rated haunt in GA last year. This year not even close!! This was not just a fall from grace... it was a plummet! How? Why?

The sets were all new and really well done, but did not incorporate any of the scariest elements from last year which made it our fave. They also lacked a cohesive flow. It felt like we were walking into the scenes and not in a scary, immersive way but more like an "is this the way we're supposed to be going?" kind of way.

The length of both houses was similar to last year, but with all of the new set design, it seems they have forgotten about the actors. The costuming and character development just wasn't there. Regular clothes with blood-splatters do not make for a very good costume, especially when that's pretty much all you see. Not very creative, definitely not what we were expecting from them.

Like many of the haunts we've visited this year, Paranoia tried to incorporate more immersive elements but did not execute this very well. The bus ride experience that was so unique, fun, and scary last year was a complete bus-t. What happened?!

Overall, it sucks to say, but our most anticipated haunt of this season... was very disappointing. You guys need to go back to the drawing board and come back strong next year! 

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