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Lake Joy Trails of Terror was a haunted adventure! It was the perfect fall haunt because it's setup mostly outdoors plus...THEY BRING THE SCARES!!! Finding this diamond in the rough was an adventure in and of itself but that only added to the anticipation. It's easy to miss but DON'T MISS THIS ONE!

This haunt had us weaving in and out of seemingly endless, dark trails through the woods, tunnels, and enclosed sets. We’ve probably said it before, but the indoor/outdoor mixes are our favorite! The paths were not perfect so we had to focus on where we were stepping, staying on the path, AND the scares going on around us. This led to a really engaging scare-sperience.

They have really diverse scenes that flow surprisingly well thanks to the use of some really creative and creepy transitions. These transitions managed to control the variety without it feeling disjointed. They featured original characters and incorporated a few horror movie references that their actors TOTALLY NAILED! They have a Jason scene that will chill you to the core. And kids... they have kids! Insanely disturbing, tiny people actors who did a phenomenal job!

Effects... WOW! Really cool stuff! Their use of the outdoor spaces, the lighting, the sound... just so effective and well done.

This haunt is pretty long; it took us about 40 minutes to walk through, so wear comfortable shoes! While we never recommend pre-haunt drinking (it dulls the senses instead of intensifying them) this is definitely not a haunt to come to tipsy. You will bust your ass!

They have so much land out there, we hope next year they incorporate some fall activities (at least a bonfire) and create a type of midway with concessions and some photo ops.

Lake Joy Trails of Terror was such a great experience! Really passionate people and it showed in their haunt... true Haunt Junkies! Bravo!

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Awesome! Thanks y'all for the great review!

over 6 years ago

Curt(AKA Jason)

Thank you very much for review, can't wait to scare new victims. Yea we usually do have a bonfire, and have the photo area ready for pictures.

over 6 years ago


you two are welcome! Great haunts deserve great reviews!!

over 6 years ago