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Pulling up to Gates of Misery we had no idea of what to expect. The building facade and surrounding property are very unimpressive. You wouldn't even know you were at a haunt except for the sign and the lone, cliche "guy with chainsaw."

Boy, can looks be deceiving!!! The length of this haunt blew our minds! We have no clue how they fit so much into the building! This is not a huge commercial haunt with a bunch of bells and whistles, but what this haunt lacks in terms of flashy effects and production it more than makes up for in creativity and psychological scares. There are two equally terrifying attractions and, don't short yourself, you have to do both! Although our favorite was the museum!

Both haunts were very interactive. We had to pull open doors, push curtains aside, and move low hanging props out of our way, never knowing what we would find on the other side. The sets utilized repetition in the most effectively creepy way, but this was the only element of consistency. What we expected was never what it was; a lot of misdirection kept us guessing through both attractions.

Gates of Misery has a very different (and brilliant) approach with its actors. Most are dressed to blend in with their environment and aren't meant to be seen. This camouflage allows them to remain undetected until the perfect moment for the scare arises. The flexibility with the timing was pretty incredible plus the mixture of hidden and exposed actors made it so things never got old or predictable.

This small town haunt packs big-time scares! Gates of Misery is one to see and one to watch, folks. Our only concern is their ability to expand... and we want them to grow. Give us more! They have the vision and we are expecting greatness from them throughout this season and for years to come!

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Waiting eagerly! I've been wanting to try this haunt. Can't wait for the review!

over 6 years ago

Phyllis the swamp hag @ GoM

Glad you enjoyed our show!!! I distinctly remember you; you said "SH!T!!!" When I popped out and hissed at you!

over 6 years ago

"Giggles" The elevator child

I am so glad you guys enjoyed the haunt. We are excited

over 6 years ago


You guys did an awesome job!

over 6 years ago