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This was our 2nd year in a row visiting Nightmare's Gate and they did not disappoint! They tap into your deepest fears by offering more than just your typical surprise scares. Their rooms engage all of your senses by forcing you to interact with the environment and push you to your psychological limits. You will crawl on your knees, shimmy through the tightest of spaces, and probably get lost, but that is all part of it.

From the moment you pull up to Nightmare's Gate, the scene is set. There is a deranged patient, his even more psychotic nurse, and a few other memorable characters. We had soooo much fun interacting with these people! They never break character (the true sign of good acting). 

Once we journeyed into this haunt, (seriously, it feels like a journey), the imagery was very visceral. We began operating on sheer animal instinct. The fight or flight instinct is strong with this one! There is one room in particular that is probably the scariest thing we have ever experienced. We do not want to spoil it for you with details but trust us... you NEED to experience this haunt for yourself!!!

Despite a few opening night kinks and missing actors, Nightmare's Gate is still everything your nightmares are made of. And that is really impressive! Keep up the scare-tastic work!!!

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Jason "Mr. Chainsaw" Thompson

thank you for the great review, glad you enjoyed our madness.

over 6 years ago


We really had an awesome time!!

over 6 years ago


No actors because all that haunt does is use them until they quit

over 6 years ago