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O Netherworld… how we love thee! There is really nothing better than having a juggernaut in the haunt industry as your hometown haunt. This will be their final season in the current location which they have held down for 20 years! That’s AMAZING!!!  Netherworld is, by far, the most elaborate haunted attraction not just in GA but damn near anywhere! From the moment you step foot on their property, you are greeted with fear! Props setup for photo ops, actors galavanting the premises scaring inattentive victims, and giant sized animatronics to keep your attention in between both haunts.
If the museum themed line isn’t enough to freak you out,  don’t fret, there is sooo much more in store! With EXTREMELY detailed themes, original characters, and a finely tuned balance of live actors and animatronics, they are a must see every single year. Their themes change annually and consistently deliver a scary good time. The addition of a short escape room based on their original characters was genius! Being that we are also “escape room junkies” always down, we were able to escape and got a cool little sticker to show for it! The one thing we worry about with Netherworld is that they are getting lost in their Hollywood-style sets and losing sight of the true essence of the scare. Sometimes you just need to get back to the basics. Hopefully, that will come with the relocation; but as usual, they are one of the best!

Being that we are true haunt junkies we went back for their Christmas and Valentine’s Day events. Neither of us know what says “Season’s greetings” or “I love you” more than a good scare. Surprisingly, both were like soooooo much better than at Halloween!

For Christmas, we were put in groups of 6 and given a rope to hold that was led by a guide, Netherspawn! This ugly cloaked creature led the group and maintained the pace of your visit. This was an awesome concept because the Netherspawn knew when to slow us down to maximize the effect of a scare and when we could pass through an area more quickly.

For Valentine’s Day we were each given a little LED candle to take through. The whole attraction was damn near pitch black so without that little candle you would not have been able to walk through. Because it was so dark, monsters could stand practically in the open but still be undetected. When they scared you they would simultaneously turn on a flashlight they held right under their faces. This was an extremely creepy effect.  

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