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We’ve been to 13 Stories a few times and keep expecting it to get better but… no such luck. There are three different attractions - the main haunt, a zombie laser tag, and an experience called Sacrifice. The haunt is well constructed with fairly detailed scenes; however, where this haunt misses the mark is with costuming. The costumes consist of items like hospital gowns over street clothes… no, we’re not joking! Something about seeing jeans and sneakers under a bloody hospital gown kind of kills the vibe no matter how convincing the actor is. Hardly any masks are used and faces have minimal makeup. There is just an overall lack of character development. The actors are mostly younger kids which is great, but also contributes to the feeling of an amateur haunt when they don’t deliver and aren’t in character.

The laser tag could be fun, but it’s just not organized enough. The actors aren’t scary and they are all just floundering around in a big, mostly open space. It feels more like a flopping humans shoot than a zombie shoot.

Sacrifice is such a unique experience that it makes up a little for the rest. Your hands are tied, you are blindfolded, then separated from the people in your group.  They also have the ability to touch you and take advantage of that using their hands and various objects like feathers. Kinda weird but cool. They had a kind of finale that you could opt out of if you weren’t up for the challenge.

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