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We had been wanting to visit Scarehouse of the South for the past 2 years because of the “only R rated haunt in GA” label advertised on their website. The scene here was cool; the attraction, a derelict country-looking house, was the backdrop for the line which was packed with late teen and twenty-somethings. The rules/warnings were prominently displayed amping you up even further for an extreme experience... that justtttt missed the mark. We mean like by just a little bit, so close. This haunt was loud, fast-paced, lots of inbred-looking rednecks chased us with big chainsaws, plus they had some really innovative effects - trap doors set into ceilings and dead-end walls that didn’t expose the way out until the very last minute are just a couple examples. Again, we don’t like to give too much away.

Despite the cool effects and chainsaws, we think they were trying so hard to live up to the R rating that they kind of forgot to actually be scary. There were a lot of scenes that were just crazy inappropriate that will have you feeling like “WTF did I just watch?!” and definitely deserve an R rating, but there’s really nothing scary about watching a guy masturbate for a few minutes. It all amounted to a haunted attraction that felt like being in a B horror movie. You know the ones where girls with big boobs run from monsters in white t-shirts in the rain. There’s a lot of potential with this one. We recommend they watch Rob Zombie movies to really figure out how to merge sex with a scare. It can be done and you guys could do it.

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George M.

It's 2017 now and I went to Scare House of the South last night, 10/20/17 and let me tell ya something, it rocked! I've been going every year since 2014 and it just keeps getting better. They have refined the art of the scare this year and added new attractions. Please check em out and do a new review. The place is amazing!

over 6 years ago