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What are your nightmare’s made of? Clowns, spiders, enclosed spaces, darkness, feeling lost… Nightmare’s Gate has it all and became one of our new favorites! Their variety of effects and use of those effects were freaking amazing! Strategically placed fog and strobe lights created an extreme sense of disorientation and dislocation, claustrophobia bags that went on a little further than was comfortable, lots of floor level transitions kept us feeling constantly off balance, and texture changes everywhere - floors and walls that felt hard and unforgiving in certain areas and disgustingly squishy in others. There were even places where you had to crawl to get through which really immerses you in the environment. There were a couple of scenes that blew us away, the sewer and the swamp, where not only the set design but the actors in it were out of this world. Pretty much all of the actors, the costumes, and makeup were on point. Super scary monsters of all types and sizes, eerie scenes, and mazes came together to make a really scary haunt. Can’t wait to check them out next year!

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