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2016 was our second year visiting Sinister Suites. Our first year (2015) had us looking forward to the next because it was their rookie season and we saw a tremendous amount of potential here. They probably have one of the creepiest venues of all the GA haunts!!! The building was a 5-story hotel built in 1910 and from the outside, it is very creepy and intimidating. The scene is set so perfect that you expect a truly scary visit but… unfortunately, they are just lacking the vision to take this haunt to the level it should be on.

The layout and setup is so impossible to navigate that they assign you a guide, who completely broke the ENTIRE experience. “Stop. Turn left. Watch your step.” Seriously dude… The performance from the actors was not much better. In fact, one of the actors playing a baby literally said “BOO!” There was just an overall lack of costuming, makeup, and set design which made it even more disappointing.

There is no cohesive theme which is crazy considering the building (an old, potentially seriously haunted hotel) should provide all the inspiration necessary. The owner is a great guy and being that we were late (as usual) we had the opportunity to talk to him before and after we walked through. Regrettably, we weren't able to give exciting feedback which resulted in a “that was cool” type of response. We truly hope they get it together because the building alone has limitless possibilities! Yes, we keep talking about the building; it is really that awesome!

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I also think the building is great. Up and down stairs, long hallways. But the guide kept pushing us saying hurry up there's a group behind us etc. This was 2016. I really wanna go back if there isn't a guide. But they have to have their path obvious to go down so it will lead you to the end.

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