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Containment Haunted House was different than most haunts. Utilizing elements of theater, we were brought closer to the characters as we became immersed in the story instead of just walking through a bunch of dope sets with creepy themes. This haunt was creatively constructed using container trailers merged together. From the outward appearances you expect to feel cramped in some industrial-feeling rooms, but, what you get are these crazy-elaborate, realistic post-apocalyptic scenes. Like a super detailed dining room, a seriously disgusting kitchen, and a padded cell. The actors totally made this haunt what it was! They were so gifted and convincing that when they delivered these full-on dialogues (that were sometimes too drawn-out) they pulled us into every scene... until we got to a scene where the complete absence of dialogue was so creepy and eerily uncomfortable that we just wanted to get out. The costumes and makeup fit perfectly with the scene where there were no really being that We don’t want to give away too much but we will never turn our backs on dolls again. Containment really made us feel like a part of the experience and with such originality, we are excited to see what they come up with next year.

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