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We were SOOOO STOKED to hit Haunted Montrose again. Last year was so epic that we expected even more from them this year. As we pulled up, we were like, “Hey, where’s the fire?” As we got closer it was like, “Hey, where’s the whole damn Slaughterhouse??”

What seemed to be a “say it ain’t so” moment was They had torn down the Slaughterhouse building to renovate for next year. That was pretty sad, but the other houses were open so we were satisfied, or at least we thought we would be.  In what seemed rare form for them, two of the three haunts (ExperiMental and Havoc 3D) were mediocre at best. Especially compared to the terrors that lurked behind the cleavers at the Old Slaughterhouse in the year prior. Missing actors were an issue along with the same theme and sets. Even the weird tune from Havoc 3D was recognizable! The Raven was fun, as usual, but since there were little to no changes it wasn’t as scary as before.

We hope next year, their 10 year anniversary, they bring it!

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