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Fear the Woods was one of our top 3 haunts in GA for 2016. It has the perfect combination of scary, fun, action… well… EVERYTHING! We have visited them for the past 3 years and every year they get better and better! Originally you took a hayride out to a haunted trail with the option of walking through a small haunted barn with little to no actors afterward. Now, the revamped haunted barn is where the line starts and is full of scares, mazes, and creatures!  If you have a phobia they probably tap into it! After the barn, you take a “terror transport” into the woods and get dropped off on the haunted trail which is definitely one of the best!  It goes between indoor and outdoor sets and takes advantage of the landscape and eerie atmosphere the Yule Forest provides! Last year they added Pandemic, a super fun haunted combat mission (think Resident Evil), where you and a partner team up and hunt down zombies. Definitely one of the most intimate, original, and well-executed zombie shoots we’ve had the opportunity to experience. To top it off,  they have a fun pumpkin shoot, fire eaters, and a reptile exhibit for the family. This not just a haunted attraction but a full Halloween experience!

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