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Paranoia was AWESOME!!! Who else can make a person in a bunny costume super scary? They had two houses, Torture, and The Cellar, with a school bus that blasts heavy metal music to transport you between the two. Torture was more of a psychological scare - dark and foggy, more about what you can’t see than what you can, while The Cellar was full of super-detailed, gory scenes. There was so much to see and multiple scares in each room that kept us on edge the entire time.  The actors were AMAZING and could and would touch you. That is a deal breaker for some people but from our experience, the idea of it is scarier than the actual touching itself! Overall this haunt is extremely well done and features creative, over-the-top effects that we have never seen done before. We don’t want to give too much away, but, if you enjoy haunts this is a MUST SEE! Easily one of our top three of 2016!

We had such an incredible experience at Halloween that when we found out they were doing a “Scary Christmas” we had to go! The Christmas-themed haunt was full of creepy little elves, a horrific Santa Claus, and the one and only GRINCH! Again, we were not disappointed! It was a holly, jolly, scary good time.

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