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What can you say about Fright Fest? It combines two of our favorite things in the world - roller coasters and haunted attractions! It’s monsters walking around everywhere; it’s a spooky atmosphere; it’s small scary walk-through haunts; it’s just fun!!! Some of the costumes and walk-throughs may be a little much for younger kids but overall we would still consider it family-friendly. In true theme-park-turned-haunted-attraction fashion, people are funneled through the haunts at a rate that the scare-factor tends to get lost. You are either missing the scare completely or watching the person ahead of you or behind you get it. Also, we were super frustrated because there was a problem with the legend on the printed maps and none of the larger park maps had been updated for the event making it difficult to find the haunted attractions. Hopefully, Six Flags can step up their execution in the future.

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