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Folklore has some awesome people! The actors are super fun, personal, and willing to take great pics with you. We arrived late… as usual… so we’re not sure if some of our experience here was due to the fact that it was close to closing time. We were greeted by the Dead City Clowns. Their characters were on point and extra creepy! Who doesn’t love a good scary clown? The main haunt at Folklore was well thought-out with a cohesive theme, but unfortunately, lacking the props, animatronics and/or number of actors to make it truly scary. There were quite a few areas where we said to each other, “Someone or something should have been there.” The same goes for the second house, it just felt incomplete. Both haunts had a lot of “surprise” scares but nothing that really triggered an intimate scare-sperience. Additionally, they had a pretty cool 3D house that they said was not meant to be scary but we think is still worth the walk-through.

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