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We are HUGE fans of full contact haunts! Exit 13 in Mt Morris, MI was the only “touch” haunt on our 2022 tour. And after meeting some of the cast and the owner of Exit 13 during our visit at Hush, we were CRAZY excited to check them out!

Exit 13 is legitimately off exit 13! I-475 in Michigan. 2022 was their 10th season of scares! Both the haunt and their queue line are entirely indoors which is a big deal in Michigan since it can get pretty cold by the time spooky season rolls around. The Michigan haunts take a lot of security precautions, including some that don't allow purses/bags at all and at Exit 13 they utilized metal detection equipment.

We excitedly put our glowsticks around our necks, which signals to the actors that they can touch us, and entered the queue line. Although it was comfortably heated, the whole area set a very uncomfortable, anticipatory tone. The red lighting and subtle pulsing undertones had their exact desired effect. In fact, Exit 13 utilized a really unconventional yet extremely effective soundtrack throughout their haunt.

Exit 13 is another attraction that follows what seems to be the Michigan standard of INCREDIBLE sets! Did all the owners here get together and create some unspoken rule or something?! Every room had it's own theme, a few were recognizable from movies but most were original. All offered up extremely detailed eye candy! There were also some very immersive designs. There were times we had to crawl or shimmy our way through, plus a section where they split us up! That was SUPER unnerving! What's even more impressive than the sets themselves is the fact that they change every year! This team works hard to bring you fresh, new terrors each season!

There is no cohesive story or theme that runs throughout the haunt. Exit 13 is a random collection of horror-themed scenes, but that totally works for them; especially, considering that they are rebuilding every single year! Swamp, circus, school hallways, a doll room, and a breathtaking library scene are just a few examples of the sets we experienced. Some sets featured very cool, hidden exits that would make you feel trapped with whatever psychotic scare actor was in that room. But don't worry, they would push you in the right direction... after they were finished tormenting you.

The Exit 13 scare actors were fun and engaging. We truly appreciate haunt actors who take the time to develop their characters and are able to offer more than just screaming. We exchanged banter with quite a few and even had our bird tarot cards read... Megan was an owl and Vilonte a crow... which is actually pretty spot on!

Makeup and costuming ranged from minimal to full body suits. No matter whether the actor had simple makeup or elaborate prosthetics or masks, they always looked just right with their scene. The cymbal monkey in the playroom was hands down our favorite costume of the 2022 season! We sincerely hope that cymbal monkey is an Exit 13 staple and remains with every year's changes!

After you come running out of the haunt, you end up in the Exit 13 concession and merch area. In addition to the Exit 13 themed merch, they have a ton of other random spooky items for sale. Their midway area is just outside this and has a ton of fun photo ops! Whether you want a pretty fall themed backdrop or prefer the more macabre they have a photo op for you! There are also some additional concessions outside. These concessions sell more than just hot cocoa and cider... you can grab a beer (or a frew brews) before or after your walkthrough.

This was the haunt we were looking forward to the most because of the contact; and while we had an AWESOME time, it was not the experience we were expecting. Their element of contact was pretty minimal except for a paddling we both received. Our asses stung for the rest of the haunt... IT WAS GREAT! But overall, we didn't get the intensity we were sooo anticipating. Every haunt in Michigan has its own “thing” so we think Exit 13 could really lean into their options as a touch haunt. Especially since they are offering a "hands-off" experience. You just don't receive a glowstick to wear.

Whether you enjoy full contact haunts, are not sure but want to give it a try, or need the characters to keep their hands to themselves, Exit 13 is like a crazy detour on a twisted route through an assortment of your worst fears. This haunt is definitely worth the trip!

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