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Paranoia put on a production unlike any other! It all began with their opening ceremony complete with fireworks, through their high intensity queue lines, and even the "carn-evil" midway. The best part is that their attractions totally lived up to the anticipation and hype that was built up outside.

When we arrived at Paranoia it was PAAACCCKKKEDDDDD!!! Heavy metal music was blasting, columns of fire were shooting into the night sky, and the energy was intense and infectious! The queue line actors, as always, were putting on an incredible show. Some were lurking around just being creepy while others tossed candy into the crowd. There was one actor, we’ll call her “the traveler” who was really nailing creepy. Her costume featured so many disturbing details that we discovered something new every time we looked at her.

Photo ops were EVERYWHERE, and they weren’t only for the haunt go-ers. There were platforms for the haunt actors to strike their scariest poses too. It felt like we were waiting in line to get into the town’s most lit nightclub not a haunted attraction.

It’s a good thing Paranoia keeps their queue lines jumping, because you’re going to be in them for a while… we’re talking an hour plus in the Fast Pass line! So be prepared to make a night of it, wear comfortable shoes and weather appropriate clothing.

Paranoia has two attractions, separated by midway. The Void and Suffering, each with a very different feel. The Void is high energy with lots of in-your-face actors and scares while Suffering has a more toned down, eerie vibe.

The Void is a high-tech laboratory where there’s been some crazy human experimentation going on. This haunt is a serious assault on the senses. There’s so much to look at, it’s loud, and scares are coming at you from every angle.

The two haunts are separated by a midway that offers a vast contrast from the headbanging-inducing death metal from the queue line. We stepped back outside after The Void into a dance party! There were free carnival games including darts, a free-throw, ball toss, all with a Paranoia twist, of course. The metal music was replaced by a DJ playing popular party music. “Who’s trying to get their Cupid Shuffle on before the next haunt?” Best part of the midway this year was that we ran into Tyler effin West, owner of ScurryFace. Shout out to the whole ScurryFace team!

Now that our guard was down and we’ve had some fun, we finished off with Suffering. Again, a much different feel from The Void. From a high-tech lab to a run-down house in the woods. This haunt is definitely going for the psychological scare. It’s more about what you think may be lurking in the darkness than what you can actually see.

Both haunts feature spectacular set design, really well-developed theming and characters, and a great mix of animatronic and actor scares.

Unlike all the other haunts we visited this year, Paranoia was not hurting when it came to the number of actors. They were all over the place - outside keeping the waiting customers wentertained and inside hanging from the ceilings, crawling on the floors, and hiding in the shadows.

Despite Paranoia becoming “Hollywood-level” they haven’t lost sight of the main reason people go to haunted attractions… the scare!!! Our only criticism here is that… we want more! We wish the haunts were longer.

Paranoia was the Halloween season’s scary party that everyone wanted to get an invite to, and guess what? Everyone is invited! So go get your scare and party on with Paranoia!

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