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Our boy, Stitches, with Dead City Collective (give them a follow if you don’t already!), recommended that we check out The Fear Farm in Blacksburg, SC on our 2020 haunt tour, so of course, we did. His recommendation did not disappoint! Maaannn… it was DOPEEE!!!

It was the perfect night for haunting; the temperature was just right and there was no rain in sight despite the reports of hurricane Delta on its way in from the gulf. We parked and headed towards the entrance, where they had their COVID-19 protocols posted. Masks are recommended but not required at Fear Farm.

They have a gift shop that offered a variety of Fear Farm merchandise before we went down the trail to the main midway area. Various characters roamed the midway among the ticket booth, photo ops, and picnic tables. They have multiple food and snack locations selling snow cones, cotton candy, and some wheat yummy things that tasted kinda like pork rinds. The Fear Farm midway also featured their recently added putt putt course and escape room. This place has it all and that’s before even mentioning the 4 distinctly separate haunted attractions!

The first attraction which had been updated for the 2020 season is called The Abyss, and that’s exactly what it is! This haunt is a completely silent, pitch-black labyrinth and is such an uncomfortably, unnerving experience! We were forced to navigate our way through the darkness along super narrow corridors, unexpected floor level changes, and seemingly dead ends. As we felt our way along the walls there were times when we would touch something furry, small and smooth things, or even got a shock! This was one of the longest pitch-black haunts we’ve done, and that fear of the unknown is always extremely unsettling plus the occasional scare actor coming out of nowhere was really intense!

The fresh air and open sky above us were very welcoming after the sensory deprivation in The Abyss as we ended up in the queue line for the next attraction Mineshaft Mayhem. A bunch of crazed hillbillies had overrun this mineshaft. The sets here were incredible and featured elements like water towers, a hellivator, and so much more! The shafts offered many opportunities for jump scares and a fun adventure. This was by far the most fun that we’ve ever had in a mineshaft!

The 3rd attraction was Experiment 13 which was brand new for the 2020 season. Experiment 13 was about the mind’s reaction to fear. What are you afraid of? Whatever it is, we can guarantee it was in Experiment 13. Pretty much every phobia was explored here. There was a great mix of animatronics and actors with no room feeling empty or overwhelming.

The fourth and final haunt was the Farm House. We were introduced to The Fagan family who was an unfortunate family cursed with disfigurement which was only getting worse due to the inbreeding taking place. We entered their home through the fireplace even after being warned by WC that we should not. Like the previous attraction, the Farm House had a really fine-tuned combination of actors and props. The Fagan family liked to play tricks and kept us wondering what was next.

The transitions between the haunts offered a break from the previous and introduced the upcoming attraction, and these queue lines were just as detailed as the haunt sets themselves! Costuming and make-up within each attraction worked well and blended with its respective theming.

What we really loved about the Fear Farm was that each haunt was its own singular experience! The Fear Farm can be a one-stop-shop for a night of Halloween fun. Offering up multiple haunted attractions along with mini golf, the escape room, and carnival games. It is a complete haunted experience and we would completely recommend that you check them out!

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