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Stutman Hollow was an unexpected addition to our 2020 South Carolina Haunt Tour. We found them on a whim after seeing the line at Deceased Farm just to purchase tickets was STUPPPIIIDDDD! They are located in Leesville, SC just outside of Lexington.

When we arrived at Stutman Hollow we were surprised to see that this haunted attraction was set up right next to their family home! There’s a very large wooden façade entrance shrouded in fog and heavy metal music echoed through the trees. Upon walking through the entrance fog, we were surprisingly greeted by a festively fall common area! The space was deceptively larger than it appeared from outside. It glowed with string lights and featured a roaring bonfire, nice photo op area, and even port-o-potties! And thank goodness because Megan had to go!

Stutman Hollow’s line starts in a clearing in the woods with spooky green lights dancing through the tree leaves overhead. When it was our turn, we entered through the wooden door into what felt like a narrow mine shaft that led us out to a trail in the woods. Stutman Hollow utilizes lots of pallets in their construction, and while they do not have any animatronics or pneumatic props out there, they do have some very creative lighting, fog effects, and large structures along the trail.

As we walked through the woods, there was no real defined storyline, and we encountered all kinds of different monsters and characters along the way. The costuming and make-up were not super elaborate but more detailed than what one would expect from a haunt only in their 2nd year. There was blacklight reactive clown make-up, some super cool masks like creepy scarecrow creatures, and even a full werewolf.

It’s definitely a family affair at Stutman Hollow with aunts and uncles, nieces and nephews all getting in on the haunt acting business. Being that there are a lot of kids, they are still learning the tricks of the haunting trade, but there were two clown girls in the blacklight pallet maze who were REALLY FUN!

Stutman Hollow is starting to check all the boxes to be a very legit pro haunt: Cozy common area - check, cool queue line – check, blacklight area – check, scary chainsaw guys – check. We’d love to see them continue to grow and develop more detailed sets along their trail and hide some more actors out there in the woods. But until then it’s still a great little haunt to check out for family fun!

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