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Booger Jim is a local legend in Cherokee Falls, SC who, after murdering his wife and son in a drunken rage, hung himself with jumper cables from a nearby bridge. Locals say he can sometimes be seen on that bridge, now known as Booger Jim Bridge. He’s an angry, sorrowful spirit who has manifested an impenetrable darkness in the surrounding woods. We’re also pretty sure Booger Jim is slowly taking over the hillside neighborhood in Blacksburg, SC with Booger Jim’s Hollow. This haunt inhabits two houses and the woods behind the unsuspecting neighborhood. They have such an unusual locale that really makes you feel as if you’ve stepped into a real-life horror movie!

Booger Jim’s Hollow is a 3-part attraction that begins with the optional $2 hayride, but this is not your typical tractor through the woods. Guests are loaded into a hay-filled flatbed trailer and pulled by a pick-up truck up the steep neighborhood street. It was such a surreal experience to be driving past people’s houses on our way to the first attraction, not knowing when or where we’d be dropped off.

The first attraction was an outdoor haunted trail through the woods. It wasn’t long before we realized that these woods were inhabited by a bunch of chainsaw-toting hillbillies and clowns! The dark trail wove amongst the trees with a few small walk-throughs built along the way. The scariest scene by far was when we ended up in a room surrounded and held captive by the chainsaw-wielding killers! We narrowly escaped and made our way through the woods to the next attraction.

Next up was the Doll House. This attraction was a newer addition to Booger Jim’s Hollow; this year only being its second. The Doll House definitely stayed true to its name featuring room after creepy, doll-filled room. Kids and dolls are always disturbing, but we wish the actors in this house played up the creepy factor and imitated dolls coming to life instead of just screaming. Another new addition was the concession area located right behind the Doll House which featured fall favorites like boiled peanuts as well as some Booger Jim’s merchandise.

After the Doll House, we had to take a little trek down the hill to the haunted house and final attraction. WATCH OUT FOR THE SLIDER!!! This house had been overrun by clowns. We’ve had A LOT of fun with clown characters this year and the ones at Booger Jim’s were NO exception! They kept the fun going with a game of monkey in the barrel with Megan as the monkey! This was a wild and fun time!

The fact that both haunted houses are in actual houses gave them not just a realistic, but a REAL backdrop to work with. Each scene was detailed and given a convincing look without needing to break the budget. The music and sounds used in the sets fit so perfectly that you barely even notice them while they’re enhancing the atmosphere.

The costuming at Booger Jim’s stayed pretty consistent in the realm of hillbillies, clowns, and hillbilly clowns with the exception being the kids and dolls in the Doll House. In addition to many of the characters wearing masks, Booger Jim's COVID-19 precautions include requiring that all guests sign a waiver plus there are many signs posted reminding guests about social distancing and wearing masks themselves.

Booger Jim’s is the labor of scary love of just one guy. The owner not only dreams up and designs the scares but builds everything himself! With the recent acquisition of the Doll House and the crazy creativity in the other house and trail, Booger Jim’s proves it doesn’t take a big budget to put on a great show!

We love that the neighborhood is so supportive of the haunt, but it’s easy to see why. Booger Jim’s has a lot of younger actors who are encouraged to keep their grades up so they can act in the haunt each year. So, make sure to show your support too and head on out to live the legend of Booger Jim at Booger Jim’s Hollow!!!

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