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When we arrived at Kreepy Hollow we were so excited to see how packed they were! We’re glad to see people getting out this year and embracing the Halloween season despite the pandemic. COVID-19 protocols were in effect with hand sanitizing stations and they require that all their guests wear a mask especially since social distancing is difficult in the attractions.
Kreepy Hollow in Bishopville, SC offers 3 very different haunted experiences - a bus ride, a traditional haunted house, and a hayride.

First up was their famous bus ride! You are given a choice between the Masters of Horror or Mystery Bus. The Masters Bus features some of your favorite classic horror movies characters like Freddy Krueger, Jason, and Michael Myers while the Mystery Bus has varying themes using more current horror movie characters. We got a recommendation for the Mystery Bus so Mystery it was! Our theme ended up being The Purge and the ride was CRAZY!!! The actors were climbing all over – not just inside but also outside of the bus - even dropping in from the roof! They did all of this while music blasted, the lights flashed on and off, and the bus driver maneuvered like a maniac along the narrow and bumpy dirt road.

This super fun and wild ride dropped us off in a graveyard which we walked through up to the haunted house. The house was a multi-level attraction featuring no cohesive storyline, but lots of various creepy scenes. The sets were nicely balanced between actors and pneumatic props but not super detailed with the exception of one. Kreepy Hollow haunted house had a full-on, 2-story outdoor scene complete with rain pouring from the ceiling onto an old cabin in the woods. SUPERRRRR DOPE!!!

After the haunted house, Kreepy Hollow had a perfectly placed concession truck. You could grab some snacks and a drink to take on the hayride or just hang out to decompress after the first 2 attractions. Those funnel cakes smelled delicious and must have been because that line was longggggg as hell.

The hayride was a real hayride… like with actual hay… not just seats on a tractor. This added some great fall flavor! It was a 2-mile trail through the woods with 7 differently themed stops spread out along the way… reallyyyyy spread out. We had a chance to really enjoy the fall weather as we rode through the dark woods between each stop, but about halfway through we would have preferred a little less dead space. The hayride sets were enormous structures, some were on both sides of the trail and some were fully enclosed. Each scene was like its own mini-movie! Themes ranged everywhere from witch executions to a carnival freak show. They were all super detailed, music pumped through hidden speakers, there were chainsaws galore, and even pyrotechnics! Multiple actors in each scene jumped on and off the trailer interacting with each haunt-goer.

The house seemed to be geared towards animatronics and pneumatic props while the hayride spotlighted the actors. There was also a similar disparity in costuming between the house and hayride. In the house, characters were simpler with no one really standing out while the costuming and characters for the hayride were much more elaborate. Having well-defined and detailed costumes is what makes a scene feel more real.

One thing that surprised us, and that we have to mention, is how diverse the crowd was at Kreepy Hollow. To be completely frank, this was the most black people we’ve ever seen at a haunted attraction. PERIOD. And we LOVED IT!!!

Multi-attraction/scream parks are always a great time and Kreepy Hollow is no exception, so of course, we would totally recommend you check them out! Pull on your favorite fall hoodie and grab your friends and family to enjoy a full night of Halloween fun… eat some funnel cake for us!

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