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We’ve experienced so-called R-rated haunts and a few full-contact haunts before, but Sweet Dreams Scare House takes both of these elements to another level entirely! They are aggressive, they’re rude, they are vulgar, they are HARDCORE, they’re… AMAZING!!! We’ve said this before and we’ll say it again, “Haunted attractions like this are NOT for everyone!” No worries though, because Sweet Dreams has you covered by offering a no-touch, not R-rated version of their show… but what’s the fun in that?!

Before entering the main attraction, we put on our glow necklaces to let the actors know it was on like Donkey Kong and started walking through their cool carnival midway. It was full of some of the craziest clown characters we’ve ever met. Never trust a clown… one stole Vilonte’s phone and recorded her own little video… but we highly recommend playing with them for a little while. You can try the casket challenge like Megan, if you dare…

After playtime with the clowns in the midway, we really had no idea what to expect from the rest of the experience. Boy, were we in for the complete opposite of Sweet Dreams… we were in for a rude awakening! They wasted no time! Vilonte is a big guy and they went right for him, gripping him up by the front of his shirt and slamming him against the wall. Megan was grabbed by a handful of hair and thrown onto the bed and this was all just in the first room!

In keeping with the Sweet Dreams name, most scenes were either bedroom themed or nightmarish. Every set was detailed to a T and each one brought a different type of scare; most were IN YOUR FACE interactive but there were also actors cleverly camouflaged for a perfectly timed jump scare. The sets transitioned from indoors to out in a way that totally flowed and made sense, keeping us immersed and on high alert for the next attack. Yes, attack… that is the most appropriate way to describe this. We weren’t being scared but attacked! Although, we did get a break from the assault to play some carnival games and compete in a twerk battle. Guess who won?

We encountered some of the most terrifyingly different characters EVERRR, just waiting to strike the moment we stepped into their scene. They were physically and verbally abusive making our fear very real. Megan may have peed on herself a little. We definitely feel like every actor we combatted gave us 110%! Special shout out to Dollface! Vilonte already gave him his kudos by slapping his ass during an uncomfortable lap dance.

Obviously, there was not 6 feet between us and the actors but we did wear masks, even if the majority of actors did not. Sweet Dreams' COVID-19 safety protocols include the option for no touching and they do have hand sanitizing stations in the midway.

Sweet Dreams Scare House is, by far, the most aggressive, most R-rated haunt we’ve ever visited, and we ABSOLUTELY LOVED IT! We’d be interested to know what their other show is like, but someone will just have to let us know because we’d never want to experience it any other way than the way we did. What an epic, freaking scary haunt!!!

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James Davis

Thank you for your review, the clowns are my favorite.

over 3 years ago