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It’s been a few years since we last visited Madworld and they have definitely grown in size and vision! What we love the most about them is the moment you step through their entrance they have such a DOPE spooky season vibe!!! The whole attraction is centered around an amazing midway where there’s food, a picnic pavilion, two escape rooms, a gift shop, live music/DJ, carnival games, and face painting. You can watch a scary movie playing on the big screen while relaxing by the bonfire but watch out for the creepy characters roaming around looking for their next victim. Madworld has some of the most original and iconic queue/grounds characters we’ve ever met, and they are always available for some epic photo ops! Everything about the atmosphere of Madworld invites you to sit down and stay awhile, but… no rest for the wicked! We had at least one more haunt we still wanted to hit the night we visited.

The queue line starts outside but then led us into Hotel Hell where we roamed the dilapidated hallways until we ran into the innkeeper. Creepy, but seemed nice enough. He warned us that once we stepped foot on the surrounding grounds, anything goes. After a death-defying ride on their Hellivator (when’s the last time that thing went through a safety inspection?!), we stepped out into Madworld… and it is exactly that! A crazy, mad place where you never know where in the world you’re going to end up next. Indoor themes varied from blood-soaked kitchens to Exorcist-esque bedrooms and transitioned to outdoor trails and scenes ranging anywhere and everywhere from hillbilly shacks to pirate ships, and then back again… exploring every terror and phobia you can think of!

The inside sets had received substantial improvements since our last visit adding to the realism and the outside builds had been creatively scaled up to larger than life! All were well-themed and nicely detailed, plus… BONUS POINTS… most areas included appropriate smells! We absolutely LOVE when all of our senses are engaged! Funny thing is though, the scariest room of all didn’t have or need any of these things!!!

Actors also broadly ranged from more dialogue-focused to strictly jump scares, and there were A LOT of them! They kept us entertained and guessing what was next. Most scenes had at least two actors, in fact, there were some rooms that curiously seemed to be full of them, but everyone was appropriately placed, and make-up and costuming meshed well with their location. While the make-up at Madworld has always been top-notch, costuming just wasn’t hitting as much for us this year. We wish more characters in the main attraction were as elaborate as the ones lurking in the midway, but this is probably a difficult task considering they have over 175 actors available on any given night.

To protect the safety of their guests and actors during the current COVID-19 pandemic, Madworld recommends that their guests wear masks (although it is optional) and practice social distancing. They’ve also set up several hand sanitizing stations throughout the midway and offer masks for sale.

Madworld provides a very inclusive, family environment that is the perfect complement to the fall and Halloween season. In addition to the family-friendly midway and activities, they offer No Scare Medallions so even the smallest of Haunt Junkie Jr’s can enjoy the haunted adventure at Madworld without it being too frightening. All in all, this is a haunt you surely don’t want to miss! Definitely add them to your Halloween checklist, and not just for their haunted attraction! So grab your close friends and family (and a mask if you choose) and head out to Madworld for a fall night full of fun!

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