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Black Orchard was exactly what we were expecting from a haunted house in rural Kentucky - rednecks… redneck hillbillies... redneck cannibal hillbillies… in a barn. Yee haw partners, WE’S FIXIN’ TO GET SCARED!

Black Orchard was our third and final stop on that rainy Friday night. We arrived at about 1:50am. They close at 2am, but you would have thought they had just opened. These actors were PUMPED! What an amazing, aggressive, in-your-face performance! BRAVO!

First, we met Silas Black; this barn was his meat packing business. He talked to us about all the different kinds of meats offered in his plant but failed to mention where those cuts of meat came from and to beware of today’s specials!

“What’s in the barn?” We’ll tell you what’s in the barn - a bunch of pig people and deranged hillbillies murdering folks, and if we didn’t move quickly enough we were going to be next. Chop, chop! This place was EXTREMELY INTENSE! Displays of physical and verbal abuse, body slamming, scene jumping, victims screaming, hillbillies killing, Black Orchard pretty much covered it. We were constantly dodging chainsaws, meat cutters, and blunt objects as redneck butchers came at us from everywhere!

The sets here were really organic - dirty, grimy, and BLOODY! Blood, guts, and gore were the motif in most scenes. They definitely had the feel of an old school haunt with minimal usage of animatronics and special effects. Any animatronics used were HUGE and usually popping out of walls to push us up against one another. This haunt had a CRAZY ORIGINAL set-up that we’ve never experienced. Scenes didn’t just transition into one another they were literal continuations. We’d see a victim get thrown into a room, not knowing that room was the next one we would be in, then we’d see the attacker follow to continue the abuse. JUST WOW...

Costuming consisted of lots of jeans, overalls, butcher aprons, wife beaters, and plaid shirts, exactly as it should be. The characters were just as bloody, dirty, and GRIMY as the sets. Not many masks were used but those that were depicted animals. This little piggy is going to KILL you!

Even though we got a super scary show, the actors will tone it down when the words “Monster, be good” are spoken, making this haunt a little more kid-friendly.

Black Orchard is in their 3rd year and part of a larger network called Louisville Halloween. In addition to the haunt, there is a 3-minute escape room called the Silo that’s a lot of fun. You wouldn’t believe how quickly 3 minutes goes by so be fast! Both the haunt and escape room are a part of Danger Run (a haunt scavenger hunt played in the car) along with their sister haunt, The Legend at Pope Lick, and their escape game.

With the intensity that this haunt is already bringing in its 3rd year, we can only imagine that it is just going to get better and BETTER… as long as Silas Black and the Black family don’t get caught! GREAT JOB TEAM!

If you’re looking for a down-home scare, a gritty haunt you can really sink your teeth into, Black Orchard is the haunt for you!

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