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For the past few years, we have been hearing the whispers of The Devil’s Attic and were dying to know what evils dwelled within… Well, this year we finally got our chance! Doesn’t the name just evoke visions of hidden terrors lying in shadowy wait? One can only imagine what horrors the Devil would store in his attic, AND IT WAS TIME TO FIND OUT! MWAHAHA...

The Devil’s Attic is located in Downtown Louisville just a few blocks from the University of Louisville… which was so evident by looking at their line. Several of Satan’s servants roamed the queue line and haunt grounds, while a one man freak show performed the most cringe-worthy feats. This guy was one crazy sword swallowing, skin stapling SOB! Eek! They also had a small concession table with the perfect mix of munchies and hot cocoa to enjoy while you wait.

We stopped to pose for a final picture near the entrance before climbing the stairs to become lost souls in the attic. The Devil himself greeted us before we ventured in to explore. This place was filled with every BLOOD-CURDLING thing that goes bump in the night. We encountered an entire monster menagerie - everything from your traditional scary characters like vampires and werewolves, to iconic movie monsters, and even mythological creatures!

Each monster had its own devilishly detailed movie-quality set. The sounds, smells, and lighting in the scenes were designed to accentuate and intensify every frightening detail. All of the ungodly characters and their lairs in The Devils Attic were horrifying! The costuming and make-up here was top-notch! So intricate, so realistic! These were not just people in masks and make-up, these actors WERE the creatures! The vampire girls and Medusa were dangerously alluring and Bloody Mary reminded us why we would never say her name 3 times! OMG Hellraiser!

It’s hard to make a haunt with such different theming from room to room make sense and feel cohesive, but The Devil’s Attic totally NAILED IT! There wasn’t so much as a flow between the scenes, each one was its own satanic smack to the face, yet felt perfectly placed. Each new environment showcased a new atrocity. Some scenes were just walkthroughs, some interactive, and in some we were stopped for a dreadful demonstration of some type. We got wet, we got separated, WE GOT SCARED! They also employed some very creative and very unexpected transitions... Tricky Devil.

On October 27, 2019, for one night only, The Devil’s Attic will present CHAOS, a full contact experience and BOYYYYY, do we wish we could make it back for this event!!! We were told this is R-rated, you must be at least 18 to enter, a signed waiver is required, and you will be grabbed, bitten, licked, and violated. If that doesn’t sound like a good time we don’t know what is. We just wish this was an option every night!

Even for Haunt Junkies like ourselves who have become desensitized and are constantly looking for that next fear fix... This is one of the scariest non-touch haunts we’ve been to without a doubt! It feels great to have met the Devil himself and “LIVE the nightmare”! Anytime we are in Louisville during haunt season there is no doubt we will stop by The Devil’s Attic and so should you!

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