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Skeleton’s Lair Scream Park offers a whopping 4 haunted attractions plus a 3-minute escape room. They are also celebrating their 20th anniversary this year! Being veterans in the haunt industry for that long is something we could only dream of! With that being said, our expectations were set really high.

Outdoor haunts are our ABSOLUTE FAVORITE, but with the outdoors comes the challenge of the elements and after parking then taking their entrance path deeper into the dark woods, a nice little drizzle had started. We were worried they would shut down, but fortunately for us, they remained open and we were going to get our first fear fix for the evening! Or so we thought...

All 4 haunts led from one to the next. The first attraction was a short 3D walkthrough. The paintings were cool but there were no real scares. We were let out close to the queue line entrance of the second attraction. From the outside, it was the quintessential haunted house. The lighting and thunder effects went perfectly with the rain we were standing in. Inside, there were a variety of twists and turns, tight corridors, and multiple levels that were really well built. Random mannequins littered the rooms and we wondered if some characters were part of a story, but there was no backstory posted anywhere or read to us. There didn't seem to be any particular theme or rhyme or reason to anything. The house felt like a bunch of random props and cool effects haphazardly strung together without any real purpose or flow.

Both the first and second haunt were light on scares due to a lack of actors. We walked through some rooms that felt a little stale because absolutely nothing was happening! Sad. It felt like they had reached a certain status and became complacent, and this haunt has so much more potential!

Next up was the haunted hayride, which contained no hay, just wet benches. The hayless ride took us through several random scenes including a big top and an oddly placed pirate ship. We stopped for a brief performance in each. Again, no real flow, no scares between scenes, but hey, who doesn't enjoy a nice ride through the woods on a crisp fall night?

The hayride dropped us off at the final attraction, The Doll Factory... NOW WE KNOW WHERE ALL THOSE RANDOM MANNEQUINS CAME FROM! The scenes were kind of cool and the actors’ costumes blended better, but it was still more of the same.

Having multiple attractions makes for a longer haunt experience and having different themes keeps things fresh. Skeleton's Lair definitely had both of these covered. All 4 attractions took us about an hour and a half to go through.

A major highlight for us was the multiple slides, although they weren't scary and served no purpose other than being SUPER FUN and getting our butts SUPER WET!

We recommend that you sign up for their email list to get discounts and buy your tickets online. The ticket booth wasn’t accepting cards when we went so we had to use the on-site ATM and pay with cash. We should have pulled out extra because when we tried to buy a shirt at the end their card reader was MIA, so we couldn’t. This was disappointing.

For haunts this size that provide this many attractions we love to see midway-type areas and Skeleton’s Lair has one in the works! We hope they incorporate fire pits, food vendors, merchandise, and games so people have a place to just hang out and enjoy the atmosphere and season.

We hope they continue to grow and take advantage of their awesome location and look forward to stopping by again sometime in the future… hopefully when it's not raining!

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