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The Dent Schoolhouse was definitely a bucket list, must-see haunt for us, and please believe they did not disappoint! We had not planned to visit them during our 2019 haunt tour, but since we kicked off on a Thursday and only 1 haunt was open in Kentucky, we decided to check what others were open in the surrounding area. When we realized we were only a 2 hour drive from Cincinnati and The Dent Schoolhouse, it was a done deal! AND WE WERE SOOO LIT!

Pulling up to the front, all we could see was the massive 3-story schoolhouse that deceptively concealed how much more there was to come. As we approached the entrance we were greeted by Charlie, the infamous janitor, who looked way more sinister in person than in pictures. We then made our way around to the side of the school to the queue line… and it was nothing short of stellar! It was set up like a frightful fall festival that featured some of your favorite carnival games but with a creepy twist. There were some really great photo ops too!

We're not sure who on their team has OCD but everything about the Dent Schoolhouse is the epitome of execution. This was such a fully immersive haunted experience, we legit felt like we were transported back to school to witness our worst nightmares! And these nightmares were way worse than that one where you show up to class in nothing but your underwear!

THE SETS WERE FREAKING AMAZING AND INCREDIBLY REALISTIC!!! The fact that they are located in an actual old schoolhouse only added to the authenticity and gave them the ability to expound upon this theme in every way. Every room was horrifically impeccable with no detail too minor and not a spiderweb out of place. Their mix of static props, world class animatronics, and live actors kept our heads on a swivel. The placement, timing, and theming was so on point! There was never a second that we felt like a room was lacking action or needed ANYTHING. The makeup and costuming were equally flawless! Although this isn’t a full contact haunt, none of the actors were afraid to invade our personal space. The whole crew was phenomenal and true professionals!

Jump scares, unnerving, and psychological scares were plenty as we cautiously traversed the haunted locker-filled hallways, gut wrenching cafeteria, and classrooms from hell. With each room seamlessly transitioning into the next, we moved throughout the school, basement, and ended in the chainsaw filled school yard. Two highlights for us were the jack-o-lantern room and the entire basement! ABSOLUTE PERFECTION!

If there was some type of haunted house formula that you could bottle up and sell, this team has discovered it! EVERYONE should have the pleasure of experiencing The Dent Schoolhouse. With roots as a home haunt, they have catapulted themselves to juggernaut status in the haunt industry. They are now #1 on Megan's haunt list!

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