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Terror On The Coast 2017

There are two things we learned on our trip to the Gulf Coast haunts. 1. Sets are king. They were all serious about their sets. 2. They are not only aware of each other but are super supportive of each other. And Terror on the Coast was no exception.

They are located inside a massive warehouse in Gulfport, Mississippi filled to the brim with an incredible assortment of realistic props. Soaring ceilings, a full-on wild west looking ghost town, plus a stage with a DJ set-up were just some of the features of one of their common space/queue line. There weren't too many actors hanging out around the queue, we would have liked to see more, but there was definitely still a lot to take in.

Have you ever walked around a haunt with the desire to touch everything? This was us at Terror on the Coast. When they are not haunting they are in the movie prop business and it's evident. Having worked on movies like the Magnificent Seven and shows like American Horror Story, this haunt had some of the most amazingly detailed set props we have ever seen. The other thing that makes that interesting is that the props available for their haunt changes depending on the movie(s)/show(s) they are working on which necessitates them changing their haunt every year.

Terror on the Coast had some seriously creepy scene concepts but there were areas that felt more like we were walking through a design studio or a movie set. Everything felt a little too fresh, too well-lit... give us some grit, some grime, some darkness.

The make-up and costuming was very professional and matched the level of their props with extremely detailed, well done characters. The costuming and make-up helped the haunters blend seamlessly with their scare zones.

Like most haunts they rely heavily on volunteers. It doesn't matter how amazing your make-up, costuming, and sets are if your actors aren't up to par. It was a really common thing this year, especially at some of the newer haunts, where the desire to be scary was there just not the know-how. There was one actor though that totally blew us away. The RingMaster. This guy was incredible! Not your typical jump-out-and-scare you kind of character but dialogue that was unnervingly creepy, borderline demented. He was perfectly placed towards the end so he kind of saved our experience.

Terror on the Coast has the makings of a haunt powerhouse - location, space, resources, crew. With some actor development and a little grungification this will give some of the local veterans a run for their money and is going to be one to watch! Can't wait to see what the future holds for them.

Rating: Ghost Ghost Ghost Ghost transparent Ghost transparent (3.0 out of 5)

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