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Nightmare at 3008 2017

If you are one of those people who freak out when a haunt actor accidentally touches you this is NOT the haunt for you! We are not talking fingers through the hair or an occasional brush up against you, this was full-on contact and we loved it!

When we arrived and walked into the building, we actually thought we were in the wrong place. There was no signage inside to indicate we were there. After purchasing our tickets we were directed back outside. The entrance to the haunt was an unmarked door on the side of the building. Kinda shady but it all just added to the experience. When the time came for the ever-so-important reading of the rules and we were not given the usual spiel we knew we were in for something very different. 

Once inside, the interior was a huge industrial shell and felt very raw and unrefined. The sets, make-up, and costuming were all fairly minimal but fit with the feeling they were going for. The scenes were dark and large enough to allow for multiple actors to lurk in the shadows before descending upon us from all directions.

The concept of this haunt is so unique and the actors really sell it. These people were freaking crazy!... in the best way! In addition to your typical staples: clowns, butchers, psychos, etc., they also featured some very original characters. They were engaging, either talking to us, "You made us; we're your nightmare," or touching us... A LOT! We have never experienced a haunt with so much contact! We, well... mostly Megan, were snatched up, pulled around, and carried (yes! carried!) like a rag doll. The sheer abundance of contact was what really made this haunt so scary. The feelings of being overpowered and helpless surrounded by a bunch of psychopaths were overwhelming.

One of the most exciting things about Nightmare 3008 is that they have a lot of space to grow into! We would love for them to continue working on set development giving their characters scenes that are as intricate and individual as they are. Also, we want them to have the opportunity to use some of that land behind their building!

This haunt is definitely not for everyone, especially not first-timers, but for those of you who are interested in a completely unique attraction or want to test your limits, you will thoroughly enjoy Nightmare at 3008.

Rating: Ghost Ghost Ghost Ghost Ghost transparent (4.0 out of 5)

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