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Legends Of The Fog 2017

Legends of the Fog is located in Aberdeen, MD, which felt like the middle of nowhere based on all of the other venues we visited in the DMV. It features four separate haunts sprawled across a massive piece of land. In addition to their multiple attractions, they also had this amazing midway with bonfires, games, a coffin ride, a stage where a live band was performing, merchandise for sale, and of course food! We are super stoked that so many haunts are incorporating these common areas for patrons to congregate and chill before (or after) going through the haunts.

They were super crowded (with good reason), still filtering people through an hour after they closed... us included! Despite arriving as late as we did,  they never came up short on scares. If any actors left early or were exhausted from overtime we couldn't tell!

What we really loved about Legends of the Fog was their set-up. The way each attraction flowed seamlessly into the next was amazing! You got enough of a break to let your guard down but not so much that it lost the feeling of continuity that we loved so much.

First up was the Farewell Hotel. It truly felt like we stepped into an old, rundown hotel. Very dirty, very gloomy, and very creepy. We were greeted by the front desk clerk who, after a beautifully delivered monologue, instructed us to head to our room. Wandering down the hotel halls, we were confronted with actors who reinforced the creepy, old hotel theme and experienced creative guest rooms that allowed the actors to move freely continuing the scares as we walked from scene to scene. The hotel definitely featured more of an interactive and immersive feel versus only providing surprise scares.

Once we ended our stay at the hotel, we walked right into the Cornstalkers Haunted Maze. This corn maze was an extremely successful exercise in "less is more." There were no props, no sound, no lighting... just us. in the dark. in a corn maze hearing random rustlings. We never knew what was going to jump out at us or when. Freaking terrifying!!!

That hayride though!!! Mannnn! Their hayride was one of the best that we have ever had the pleasure to experience! Each stop along the way featured amazing environments where light, sound, and actors moved in perfectly orchestrated synergy! It was like watching mini-movies at each stop! One thing we must note, the role the actors play at each hayride stop is not an easy one! Timing is very important to pull off scares and the actors here did a really good job of being invasive without being annoying or just screaming in our ears. It was a real "in your face" experience! There were a few truly dedicated and graceful souls that managed to continue jumping on and off effortlessly as the tractor continued bumping along. Such a fun time!

The hayride dropped us off right at the final attraction, the Sinister Circus. Complete with sideshow freaks and hellish clowns. Megan is not the fondest of clowns but even given this slight phobia, this was the least scariest attraction of them all. The actors here didn't deliver like in the other 3 and the setup just didn't do it for us.

Overall, this haunt was worth every bit of airfare we paid and driving we did. We would make this trip to the DMV again just to see what changes they make next season but are glad there are other trip-worthy haunts in the area too. Legends of the Fog is an absolute MUST SEE!!!

Rating: Ghost Ghost Ghost Ghost Ghost transparent (4.0 out of 5)

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