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Haunted Montrose 2015

The blazing fire on top of the main attraction set the tone for our visit to Haunted Montrose. That shit was FIREEEEEE!!! From the gory Old Slaughterhouse to the pitch-black maze of Raven, Haunted Montrose delivered up every type of scare you could imagine. They have 4 different attractions, Old Slaughterhouse, ExperiMental, Havoc 3D, and the Raven. Each one was as good as the last. They have a huge piece of land with two buildings. There is a relaxing hayride from one to the next. The Old Slaughterhouse was everything the name conjures - blood, gore, mutilated bodies, and bloody cutlery used for...slaughtering! The Pigman is the starring character and boy, does he play his role well. There is something about a giant pig chasing you with a massively ginormous meat cleaver that is scary as shit! The way they transitioned from indoor to outdoor spaces was seamless and brilliant, like the indoor corn field with no roof so you could see the moon shining in. This haunt, as well as the others, had well-developed themes that carried throughout their respective houses with ExperiMental being an insane asylum, Havoc 3D being a crazy, clown-filled fun house 3D experience, and the Raven a pitch-black maze with the potential of running face first into an actor and  being touched…yes...all in complete darkness!

We had so much fun at this haunt! We were not expecting so much variety and depth but there it was… in all of its bloody, insane, crazy, fun glory.

Rating: Ghost Ghost Ghost Ghost Ghost transparent (4.0 out of 5)

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